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Cross country ground: running on grass, dirt, hills etc… 

What to wear:  dress for the weather!  We will work up a sweat every practice!  Running sneakers are highly recommended.  Many varieties available at local shoe/sports stores.  The Velcro strap running shoe is great especially for the younger kids!

What to bring: A full water bottle, bug spray, & ANY MEDICAL NEEDS/DEVICES such as INHALERS FOR ASTHMA RUNNERS!

What to expect: we will warm together, then run in groups based on age, developmental ability & skill.  EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!  We work to meet each child’s individual potential.  We do not encourage comparing one runner to another & although we do compete, our team is really focused on development, teamwork & fun!

Flexible:  If you can make both practices, great!!!!  If you are in another sport & can only do 1 practice, that is fine too!  We will send out some guidelines to run on your own as well on the days we don’t practice.

**HAVE YOUR CHILD GO POTTY BEFORE PRACTICE**  Of course we will escort them if they need to go ;o)