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Meet the Coaches

It has been a dream of mine to enable kids to achieve their optimal potential and sustainable level of fitness.  I aspire to bring the same feelings of joy, success, confidence and new people into the lives of our runners.

We believe in training your children in the proper fundamentals of running, encouraging them to accomplish their age-appropriate distance, and helping them to reach their individual fitness potential!

Coach Cheryl (Head Coach)

Running has brought much joy, success, confidence and people into my life!  I am honored to be the coach for CMRC for the second year!  I have been a runner since the age of 12 years.  I ran cross country and track for my high school in Scranton, Pa and Division I cross country and track for Saint Francis University in Loretto, Pa.  I had the opportunity to be coached by amazing experts in the field, from whom I have learned a lot about training for myself and in coaching others.  I most favor distance running, but have a great deal of experience in sprint distance and long distance.  I feel that running is a great way to stay fit, not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well.

I am currently a Safety Nurse/Consultant for Johns Hopkins Hospital and have a strong clinical background in Pediatrics.  My pediatric expertise has given me a deep understanding of developmental needs for our youth!  I also have two beautiful children who will be on our cross country team who have taught me a great deal regarding youth development, potential and the impact of running.