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NRG Energy Donates $5000 to CMRC Park & Lacrosse Programs

01/29/2017, 3:15pm EST, By Mark Tognetti

NRG Energy / GenOn Mid Atlantic generosity over past 6 years

2016 Division Leaders - CMLAX U11 & U13 Girls Teams

11/28/2016, 8:00pm EST, By Coach Doug

Back to School Special for CMRC

09/10/2015, 1:45pm EDT, By Lisa Graham

2015 WMYLC Champions - Carroll Manor U11 Girls!

08/25/2015, 11:15pm EDT, By Mark Tognetti

CMLAX U11 Girls Capture WMYLC Championship

2015 WMYLC Champions - Carroll Manor U13 Boys!

08/16/2015, 12:15pm EDT, By Mark Tognetti

CMLAX U13 Boys Capture 1st WMYLC Boys Championship

CMRC Basketball Wins Division Championships!

03/10/2015, 2:45pm EDT, By Mike Larkin

Lacrosse - America's Fastest Growing High School Sport

12/09/2014, 12:15am EST, By Mark Tognetti

In the past decade, participation in high-school lacrosse has exploded. Maybe it’s really America’s sport of the future.

Cyber Monday

11/30/2014, 10:00pm EST, By Bob Paddison

Concussion Awareness

08/25/2014, 3:00pm EDT, By Lisa Graham

Realtor Jill Sullivan goes for the Gold!

07/14/2014, 1:30pm EDT, By Randy Cole

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Displaying Results 1 - 10 of 34

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If you are one of the more than 125 homes along the CMRC 5K jogging trail (see map) you may be seeing more foot traffic by your front door from your friends and neighbors.

Many residents of Adamstown are training for the upcoming Carroll Manor Elementary Roaring Lion 5K scheduled for November 16th, 2013.  The CMRC path may be just the training ground to get you on the road to victory (or at least completion).  

Regardless of your intensity or duration of your exercise routine, the new CMRC 5K measured course will allow you to walk, run or compete for the 5K title all while staying off the busy main streets of Mountville, Adamstown and New Design Roads.  

The first utilization of the CMRC Park grounds incorporates a picturesque .7 mile cut around the perimeter of the new CMRC park and integrates the neighborhood streets of Inwood, Moreland, Decatur and Union Ridge,  to create a 5K jogging course.  The course is right outside the front door of many residents in Greenhill Manor, so you can start in your driveway, run the loop and be home for dinner in just 30-40 minutes or less.       

Hopefully many of you will take advantage of the new jogging path and start a movement in the Park.  Hope to see you on the course.  Start anywhere on the course, it’s practically at everybody’s front door.