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Carroll Manor U7 Coed Lacrosse

2016 Rules for WMYLC U7 Lacrosse

02/09/2017, 11:30pm EST
By Doug Agnes

No Changes to WMYLC U7 Coed Scoopers Rules for 2017

2016 Rules for WMYLC U7 Co-ed Lacrosse 

(“Scoopers” Division)

U7 Scoopers Lacrosse Rules and Regulations

  1. Field size is 40 yards between goals (option to use a U9 boys or girls field - 40x80 )
  2. Mid line and creases {Crease to be min 10 yards from end line w/ 40 yds between goals}
  3. Goals should be full size.
  1. Teams play 5v5 Spread them out to start 1 Attack, 3 Midfielders, 1 Defense for the start of play when there is a Faceoff or Draw.
  2. Attack/Defense players do not need to remain back on each half of the field. (Experimental rule for 2016). 
  3. There is no goalie at U7.
  4. All players must wear mouthpiece. Mouthpiece must not be clear so it is visible and it must not have a strap.
  5. Players shall wear no jewelry.
  6. Players shall wear goggles.  No hard helmets on field players.  Soft headgear is permitted.
  7. Gloves may be worn.  Boys or Girls Lacrosse Gloves, or lightweight winter gloves.
  8. Regulation Boys or Girls stick permitted, but the stick length can be shortened to match the player.  No ministicks nor “Fiddlesticks” with smaller head sizes. 
  9. Play with soft lacrosse balls.
  10. No checking. None.  Teach good defensive body position.  A defensive player may block the shot of a player by placing their crosse at the point of release of the shooters crosse.  If the player initiating the contact between the crosses is the shooter, it is not a “check”.
  11. No intentional body contact between players. No pushing or body checks.  Boxing out around a ground ball is permitted, but they player shall not back into another player in an overly assertive manner.
  12. Alternate the start of play with two girls in a draw or two boys in a faceoff.
  13. Two (2) pass attempts must be made before a shot can be taken. The two pass attempts can be made anywhere on the field. Coaches will call out pass attempts (1 pass, 2 pass). If the opposing team gains possession of the ball regardless of the pass count, the pass count resets to zero. (ie A missed pass with scooped ball by any other member of the same team that threw the ball is a successful transition.) Dumping a ball out of one stick directly into another stick pocket is not a pass.
  14. Two coaches on field act as refs and stop play to instruct.  Use a Whistle or call “STOP- STOP-STOP”.  Players should stay in current field position unless instructed to take 4 steps back.
  15. Four 10 minute quarters.  2 min break between quarters, 10 min half time. Running clock.
  16. No field players in the crease.  Since there is no goalie, a ball in the crease is dead ball and shall be given to a defensive player out to side of the crease area.
  17. If a pack develops around a ground ball and the ball does not emerge quickly, the closest coach shall stop play.  This is to prevent injuries.
  18. After a stopped play, the coach can give to a player who has not yet had the ball, or toss to an open area of the field.  Use alternating possessions between teams when breaking up the pack.
  19. Coaches shall keep it fun for both teams!  No score shall be kept.