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Carroll Manor Baseball

Hi Baseball Fans,

Welcome to Carroll Manor Baseball, we are associated with Tri-County Baseball (Carroll Manor, Braddock, Myersville & Middletown) and we play in the Cal Ripkin/Babe Ruth Leagues.  We offer several levels: T-Ball, 8U Machine Pitch, Minors, Major Rec & Major Travel.

Also Tri-County Baseball (WFC) offers a Travel All Star/Tournament Teams 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U and 12U.  These teams play at the highest levels of baseball & play in the Maryland State Tournaments.

Carroll Manor Baseball Mission Statement:

To organize and develop highly competitive youth baseball teams comprised of players from the Carroll Manor area and its surrounding communities.  We expect to provide our players with dedicated experienced coaching that will not only teach the physical aspects of baseball, but also a deeper understanding of how to play the game while maintaining high standards of excellence promoting good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect.

The goal of the Carroll Manor Baseball Program is for every player to get the most out of their baseball experience by having FUN, developing skills, and working within a team-oriented culture that fosters a winning attitude. We expect to teach them the fundamentals of baseball while helping them constantly challenge themselves to achieve, improve, progress throughout the learning process. Each player that joins the Carroll Manor Program accepts the commitment to become the best that they can possibly be. This will become evident in not only the development of their skill sets, but in their personal development as well.

The Carroll Manor Baseball Program will provide our players with the following:

  • Significant development of all skills required to play the game of baseball
  • Thorough understanding of baseball strategies and game situations
  • Enhanced focus on team play vs individual play
  • Continual demonstration of good sportsmanship through the action of our coaches, parents, and players
  • Excellent practice/game facilities and equipment
  • Competitive teams at all age levels
  • Above all, the kids will have fun while learning to play the great game of baseball!!

Jason Smith

Baseball Commissioner

Phone: (301) 524-1333

Spring Registration OPEN






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