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Soccer Volunteers

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers, in any capacity, are always welcome whether it's a season-long commitment (i.e., coach) or a time-limited activity (i.e., field lining).

Coaching:  CMRC Soccer continues to develop/identify materials for new and seasoned coaches alike (e.g., sample practices, patch/stat tracking forms).  We have a lot of seasoned coaches who are more than happy to answer questions and provide resources/guidance.

Some of our new coaches choose to be paired with coaches who have a season or two of experience; others start as head coaches their first season.  I hold a coaches meeting prior to the start of each season to introduce coaches, handout equipment, answer questions, and get folks acclimated.

Field Maintenance:  Parents may volunteer to line the playing fields and/or mow the fields.  See the video below for a brief demo on how to operate the field liner.  Generally speaking, most families only line the fields once during the entire season - about an hour total for the season.

All persons volunteering to mow MUST attend a brief safety demonstration prior to operating the mowers.  Mowing could take anywhere from 2-3 hours and is generally done on a weekly basis throughout the entire season.

Concession Stand:  Parents may volunteer to run the concession stand at various points throughout the season - usually during a portion of your child's home game.  This entails little more than processing cash purchases; training is provided by the concession stand manager.  The time commitment is about an hour and only has to be done once per season.

Field Day:  This event serves as the informal kick-off for each season.  Coaches and parents gather to establsih the various fields located both at Green Hill Park and across the street at CMES.  While this is usually a 6-7 hour day, 2 hour time slots are alloted so parents can choose their desired time slot, volunteer, and go about the rest of their day.

**NOTE:  After all volunteers have been assigned, additional families will be assigned across the various activities based on need.