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CMRC Soccer Student Volunteering

10/31/2013, 1:30pm EDT
By CMRC Soccer Commissioner

Volunteer with CMRC Soccer!!!

CMRC Soccer would like recognize Kyle Andrews for volunteering as an Assistant Coach for the U7 Buffaloes!  Kyle grew up playing CMRC soccer, is knowledgeable about the game, and embraces the fun-first, family-friendly environment for which CMRC Soccer is well known.

Kyle began as an Assistant Coach with Marc Cangemi in the spring of 2013 while the Buffaloes were playing in the U6 In-House program.  Coach Marc was happy to welcome Kyle back this fall as the Buffaloes graduated up to the Pentaleague (dual field format).

Each season Kyle has earned a certificate of appreciation from the CMRC Soccer Commissioner in addition to being awarded community service hours for volunteering his time during practice and games.

CMRC Soccer welcomes more young people like Kyle who are enthusiastic about soccer, great with kids, and looking to increase volunteer hours and/or build extracurricular activities for college resumes.  Please reach out to the CMRC Soccer Commissioner if you're interested in volunteering.

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