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Breaking in Your LAX Stick

12/11/2012, 4:45pm EST

Best way to break in your lax stick is to play with it

Pre-stretched lax stick side view

Pre-Stretched (side)

The best way to break in your lacrosse stick is to play lacrosse with it, but when you first get a stick the mesh pocket can be pretty stiff and not deep enough.  The shallower the pocket, the more difficult it is for players to keep the ball in the pocket.  The internet is filled with "pocket forming" techniques (some involving soaking the head in various substances like shampoo) and pocket stretchers / pounders that can be purchased.  For youth lacrosse, I'd suggest following the simple steps below...

Lax head pre stretched top

Pre-Stretched (top)

Lax head stretching side

Stretching (side)

In addition to your new stick, you'll need a regulation lax ball and a screwdriver.  Below is a picture of a new stick prior to breaking in the pocket...

  1. Put the ball in the middle of the pocket and push down.
  2. Put a screwdriver between the head and the net so that it holds the ball in place.
  3. Adjust the screwdriver so that the top of the ball is held just above the bottom of the stick's sidewall.  Men's stick pockets are legal provided the top edge of the ball is NOT visible under the lowest edge of the stick's sidewall as viewed from the side when held horizontally.

After about a day the pocket should be sufficiently stretched to start playing.

lax head stretching top

Stretching (top)

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