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Carroll Manor Lacrosse Training

T is for Training - LAX Drills for Home

It's not just about working hard at practice! 
The greatest factor in improving a player's game is how hard they work off the practice field. We're encouraging our young Warriors to pick up a stick and play at home by offering a new patch. Any player that consistently puts in 2 hours a week of training outside of practice (as confirmed by their parents) can earn our "T is for Training" patch.

So what counts as training? Really any time spent with a lacrosse stick playing catch, "wall ball", scooping ground balls, or simply cradling is productive. Below are links to some individual drills:

As important keeping a lax stick in your hand is... CMLAX also believes playing other sports is equally important to develop a feel for space and movement - particularly basketball, soccer and hockey.

Please feel free to email us with any questions by email.

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