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Carroll Manor Soccer Divisions

CMRC offers players a variety of options depending on the player’s age and interests.  Our programs range from in-house clinics geared toward introducing children to the basics of the world's most popular sport, to competitive games against other Frederick County teams.

Below is a summary of the various divisions CMRC Soccer offers:

U04 - Skills clinics with no competitive games

U06 - 3v3 in-house small-sided games

U08 - Double Nickel League (DNL)/PentaLeague small-sided games

U08 - Frederick County Youth Soccer League (FCYSL)

U10 thru U18 - FCYSL

Division Age Ranges

All ages below reflect the age requirement for the fall season.  For example, if your child turns 4 years old on July 28th s/he may register for the U04 Division.  If your child turns 10 on October 2nd, s/he may register for the U12 Division.  Typically players remain in the same division throughout the school year (i.e., fall and spring seasons) meaning that if your child turns 4 in November s/he is still eligible to play in the U04 Division in the spring.

U4 Division - must be under 4 as of July 31st

U6 Division - must be under 6 as of July 31st

U8 Division - must be under 8 as of July 31st

U10 Division - must be under 10 as of July 31st

U12 Division - must be under 12 as of July 31st

U14 Division - must be under 14 as of July 31st

U16 Division - must be under 16 as of July 31st