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Carroll Manor Recreation Council

Welcome to the Carroll Manor Recreation Council website!  CMRC is a member of the Frederick County, Maryland Association of Recreation Councils and serves the communities of Adamstown, Point of Rocks, Ballenger Creek, Buckeystown, and Tuscarora. CMRC offers youth programs for baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, and wrestling. For those of you currently part of the CMRC community, our website serves as your primary source for all things CMRC-related.

    Jill Sullivan has become our "First" CMRC GOLD Sponsor

    Jill Sullivan, Randy Cole, and Perry Perret

    Realtor Jill Sullivan goes for the Gold!
    CMRC is proud to announce that Realtor Jill Sullivan has become our "First" CMRC GOLD Sponsor.
    This is the highest category in our CMRC Sponsorship program.
    Jill is also a CMRC Member and one of our CMRC Business Partners. 
    Not only did Jill donate to CMRC to become a GOLD Sponsor but as a Business Partner she is willing to give back additional funds to support the development of the future CMRC Park.
    Sponsored by Realtor Jill Sullivan

    Realtor Jill Sullivan

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